Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Breaking news! Argyroderma crateriforme growing a flower

I can not believe this is happening!

This senior citizen has caused me some worry in the past. When I first got it I worried about its poor roots. With time I learned it is actually normal and okay for these plants to economize on root development. Then, I worried about rotting. With such a beautiful beard of old leaf layers (how old might it be, I wonder) it might be rotting somewhere inside if drops of water linger too long. Having it grow in pure pumice and in the very top layer of it with all the beard on top to dry in the sun if necessary as well as extremely reduced waterings has reduced my fears as well. I worried it would abandon one of the heads, at some point, but it didn't. And so I thought keeping it alive was an achievement on its own. I never thought it would actually flower one day! I know it might be a bit too early and it might abort the bud but I'm too excited not to share this news :)