Monday, May 9, 2016

Delospermas on the balcony (8 pics)

Well, now I know, Delosparmas really like it on the balcony. All of the below plants have overwintered outside in the cold and are now enjoying direct unfiltered sunlight. No burns and lots of flowers and flower buds. I'm seriously thinking of moving all my Delospermas out there permanently. Except for D. sphalmantoides. And the "bonsais", I suppose. And D. harazianum is flowering just fine on the windowsill after a warm winter. But otherwise, these guys do enjoy fresh air :)

Delosperma sp. A variety called "garnet", I think.

Delosperma sp. A variety called "moonstone".

Delosperma sutherlandii

Delosperma lineare "golden nugget"


  1. Damn cool. Especially 'garnet' :)

    1. Thanks :) It's rare (for me at least) to see this flower color on a mesemb. And at such a quantity.

  2. Yep, that's garnet
    I have at least three garnets in my yard as well as a moonstone and several others
    Yes, one of the garnets is blooming like crazy (and it's a small plant right now) and another has one flower
    Apparently they reeeaaalllyy like Seattle weather and can grow year-round here

  3. Oh, and mine seem to like a bit of shade during the day (and more water)
    I had a couple of mine in full sun, they weren't blooming in full sun, then I moved them to partial shade and gave them a big drink and now they're blooming like fools
    Mine don't want to flower unless their leaves are green and have had big drinks (I don't know why)

    1. I'm realizing the same thing. Mine get sun until 2 or 3 pm, not the whole day, and seem to be constantly thirsty. I'm thinking of repotting but afraid to bother them...

      Amazing plants. Good luck with yours! :)

    2. One of mine didn't care that I moved it several times, so I think you can repot yours without them fussing about it