Sunday, April 17, 2016

Haworthia limifolia: Stray observations (3 pics)

Plants can have very different appearances depending on the conditions they grow in. While potting the plant from yesterday's post I wondered at how different it is from its own cutting that has been growing at my place all this time when the other was at my parents'. 

They are the SAME plant! Literally. The "piece" to the left was grown with little water (due to absent roots) and looks more like a H. limifolia to me, actually, long, thin, slightly curved leaves. No idea about the light conditions. The one to the right has been watered and repotted regularly while growing in a sunny spot. It has short thick leaves that barely "spin". If I didn't know better I would think they are different kinds of Haworthia. Can't say which appearance is better or healthier or more natural. Crazy plants.


  1. I like haworthias and I like H. limifolia, but it really is a wild grower, filling the pot with offsets rapidly. I actually think it looks better as a single plant in its pot, but it refuses to stay a single plant. I wonder if the rabbits would eat it if I planted a few outside in the ground? The leaves are very hard, doesn't seem very delectable. Maybe I'll try it in a window box first. I know it can't stay out over winter but I'll worry about that in about 7 months. :)

    1. True. I had 1 plant initially. Now I have 5. Soon I'll have to give away a couple of them :)

      Hm, it might be just fine outside. It's very hard and prickly and surely not enjoyable tastewise. You need a cabbage garden somewhere away from your succulent garden as a distraction to make sure though ;)