Monday, March 14, 2016

Argyroderma crateriforme, put on record (2 pics)

I bought this "senior" plant two years ago and, not having any experience with Argyroderma in general and senior plants in particular, I've been worried about it ever since. Looks like it was not necessary. The plant is just doing its thing with very little support. 
The roots tend to dry off as soon as the substrate is dry. The plant seems to barely cling on to anything. It feels like it sits completely loose in the container. It doesn't ask for water much. And so, every time I actually need to water it, I worry the roots won't "wake up". They always do. Probably because fine roots grow just as quickly as they wither. I was worried the bulk of old leaves would start to rot but being located overground and on top of pumice, there's no sign of it. At one point I thought one of the heads will die off. This was also unfounded.

All in all, this plant seemed like a trouble maker but it really isn't. It's a pretty laid back kind of plant as the below quotes will demonstrate.

"She is watering me again. Doesn't she know I don't need it now? It's okay human, you'll learn."
"Bad weather? No sunlight? Never mind, I'll just nap a little longer."
"You think my roots are not good? My roots are just fine and completely enough for what I need, thank you. Worry about your own roots."
"Human stop fussing. You made my beard wet. I know you didn't mean to. It'll dry."
"So, you've accidentally pulled me out of my bed for the tenth time. Can't you just let me sleep?.... No, my roots are fine. Go away."


  1. What about your roots ? :D

    This plant seems so cool, you always make me want to try to grow them !

    1. Roots are important XD

      Thanks :) And I want to try and grow Argyroderma from seed one day.

    2. Good luck ! I often fail growing plants from seeds, whatever the species is '-' I better sow a lot of seeds at the same time so that I get less upset when I see the little green thing disappear.

      Well, I have that 3 years old Litchi (they make quite big seeds lol)... but still 10cm tall hahaha.

    3. Thanks! And good luck to you too.

      Oooooh I currently have hundreds of tiny green seedlings with no idea what to do with them when they're bigger (will probably be giving them away later).

      Still haven't figured out how to make Violas hatch though...

    4. Argyrodermas are very easy from seed. Not my favorite plants though, but not for any good reason - mainly just on account of that they like to wrinkle in the sun, and need so much more water than other mimicry mesembs (I'm very lazy).

    5. I've never tried Argyroderma from seed. Maybe one day...

      Don't worry, you're not lazy :D You don't know how lazy I am! We need a magic watering can))

  2. Having full on conversations with our plants now? hahahah.
    You understand your plants better than you think you do, :)

    1. Yes, I'm this far gone XD

      There are still many conversations to be had to properly understand them :)