Sunday, February 21, 2016

Anacampseros obsession part 2 (8 pics)

I was waiting for the sun to come out to take more pictures of the Anacampseros bunch but it's not happening and who knows when we'll see the sunlight next, if at all. Two days ago it was snowing in Luxembourg. In Trier it's always warmer so that we don't get even that. It just keeps on raining, all day long, every day.
I have a bad itch to water some of the lithops but I can't for - it looks like - several more weeks. Gotta be strong. At least the Anacamp-seedlings are developing wonderfully and are able to distract me. I have now 14 pots of tiny green beads. It's amazing how well they germinate when fresh. If you see someone selling Anacampseros seeds harvested 2015 you can sow them with great results. Just as a test I've tried sowing rests of 2014 seeds. None hatched. Zero. They stay viable one year tops. I'll probably be offering free seeds later this year again so please keep this in mind.

Back to the grown-ups introductions. In my last post I have shown you none of the An. arachnoides which are truly lovely with their small pointy heart-shaped leaves. Here they are!

Anacampseros arachnoides, An106, s Roineck Pass
Great brownish-red color which in my light conditions might get greener later. Will try to avoid that.

Anacampseros arachnoides, An9, Besemkop, n Calitzdorp, ES3046
The fluff in the middle looks like a mealy bugs nest but it's not, I've checked. Detecting mealy bugs on these plants will not be easy.

Anacampseros arachnoides, An35, Dysseldorp 
I don't know what the deal with those branch-towers is. Do they grow like this or are those rests of the inflorescence? 

Anacampseros arachnoides, An208, Hoogstaan
This one is a bit different. Rounder leaves of dark green. Looks a little like an Aloinopsis schooneesii.

Anacampseros lanceolata, An48, Rietkloof, w Steinkopf
This and the next plant are quite young and still have to develop some distinguishing characteristics (maybe). Cute though.

Anacampseros lanceolata, An83, Harras

Anacampseros lanceolata, An33, w Spitsberg (e Nuwerus)
This one is pretty large and should have large flowers, too. Looking forward to growing it.

And here comes the hatchery!


  1. Have your Anacampseros self set? Lithops seed seems viable for years.

    1. You mean if those seedlings are from my plants? No, those are from a specialized nursery, harvest 2015. I've given away all of mine.

      Don't know about lithops. I bought lots of lithops seeds 6 years ago to sow them when i have room. All the books claim that lithops seeds are viable for many years (up to 30). These days I'm sowing those seeds and NOTHING germinates,nothing at all. Fresh lithops seeds germinate fine though. I feel lied to.

      Viability of Anacampseros is less than a year.

  2. Excellent blog... already bought some anacampseros in your "favorite dealer", that arrived yesterday. Hope that they will be as great as yours

    1. Thank you!

      I'm sure they will be if they aren't already. You should try seeds from the same "dealer" as well. Very fresh. Great germination rate. I'm very excited about these plants. Hope we can discuss them more in the fiture :)

    2. Hi Rika, followed your sugestion and already sowed some seeds (anacampseros, avonia, conophytums). In less than a week I already start to see some "action". I have them in plastic square pots with mineral substrate and closed to make greenhouse effect. I keep them in shade. Any sugestion to try and make them survive?

    3. Glad to hear that! I sow in the same way.
      I can not help you with conophytums and avonia unfortunately. I never tried growing conophytums from seed and so far I've killed all my avonia seedlings. Avonia seem to have longer periods of not-growing at a very young age and tend to die on me during such phases. Anacampseros is easier. The critical point is for them to start growing first true leaves. When the leaves come you can relax,they'll be fine. They still might "rest" later on but by then they'll be bigger and stronger.

  3. Oh Rika, you are going to seduce me to grow anacampseros again. With your lovely photos and glowing dialogue resistance will be impossible. :) I do like A. arachnoides very much. The dark leaved plants look especially nice with the contrasting white threads/hairs. I'm glad you are having a fun time growing this much under appreciated genus. I know Mesa Garden has a nice selection of seed, maybe I will add a few to my collection this spring. You have convinced me. :)

    1. I can't believe I've missed your comment Bob! Anacampseros are very under appreciated indeed even though they are not particularly difficult in cultivation, in my experience. I'm glad you decided to grow them again :) And yes, Ive checked out Mesa Garden for seeds as well and almost ordered. At the end I decided to see my current bunch of seedlings through before I get more. Looking forward to seeing photos of your plants ;)