Monday, December 21, 2015

Carefree seedlings (3 pics)

Recently I feel like I lost my touch with seedlings and I think that's because I don't have time to care for them these days as I had before (also, I've been trying to use up all old seeds I have and viability is low). I kinda expect them to grow on their own without any support (mostly psychological anyway) from the grower. And when they actually do that it's worth a blog post. Anacampseros vanthielii seedlings have turned out to be very low maintenance. They just grow as they grow, in their cozy big group, green and hairy and fresh. No help from my side at all. Can only recommend them to all of you. There will surely be seeds again next year so make sure to get a free pocket ;)

When they grow up they should look like their mother.

In other news... no news. The windowsill is a bit boring these days. Waiting for the days to get longer. 


  1. Your windowsill is never boring to me. Every photo I see of your windowsill has such interesting and well grown plants. I would love sitting and having you tell me stories about each and every one. Plant collections are wonderful places with great stories of life, death, success and occasional failures. They are places where magic happens, through the touch of great gardening magicians. I know you too know this, and as I have said before, be proud, be very proud, for you have created a wonderful, magical world, right on your windowsill. :)

    1. Thank you! And I'd love to talk about each plant with you. Still, we should consider us lucky to have found each other online and be able to share our stories at least in writing :)

      Thank you so much for all your encouragement Bob :)

      Can't wait for the spring to watch some more magic happening!

  2. Ah, I was just wondering what these plants were called because I got one a couple years ago and it was unlabelled. I love these ones.

    Also, have you done any posts on your setup? Are these just regular square nursery pots? What kind of tray or other do you have underneath for water?

    1. Yes, those are great! Love the hairs and the pretty pretty flowers :)

      I use regular plastic square pots, 5x5x8,5 cm. The trays are also quite regular but I don't use them for watering. The trays are to be able to move the pots easier, for window cleaning and such. I water very little from above so that water does not come out the drains anyway.