Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The last lithops flower and a butterfly (2 pics)

Well, looks like this is the last lithops flower this year. There weren't many but I'm happy with any I can get. The next excitement is watching the winter growers waking up and maybe even flower as well as checking up on seedlings. I've sown a lot recently and plan on sowing more soon. Watching those tiny blobs grow is a very special joy.

In unrelated news, I finally went to the Butterfly Garden in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg (ca. 30 min away from Trier). Oh pardon, I meant of course Jardin des Papillons ;) It's quite small but nice and very very warm. Like a little piece of Summer. Too bad it closes in Winter or I'd go regularly just to warm up. I took great many pictures but it was difficult to take good macros because they move so much. Surprisingly the only pic of which I thought the camera would never focus was the quite sharp one below with this very friendly and curious papillon. I feel like a flower now.


  1. Any and all lithops flowers are special. I love the way the white flower stands out so bright and proud, showing off its yellow-orange anthers. Is the plant Lithops karasmontana?

    We have a butterfly display in a botanical garden here in Maryland. I went last year and it seemed the butterflies wanted to land on my head, which made it very hard to get any good photos. :) I do remember it was like being in a sauna, hot and moist. You did get a great photo with your hand as a landing spot. Very nice.

    I'll be on the lookout for your reports on the winter growing mesembs activity. I look forward to learning a lot based on your informative blog reports. As always, thanks for sharing with us. When your "Growing Succulents on a Windowsill" book comes out, I'll be one of the first subscribers. ;)

    1. Yes, it is a L. karasmontana :)

      Ah you're lucky. We don't have any proper botanical garden anywhere near. And I've only recently discovered the butterfly garden. Those bugs can really be friendly :D As much as I'm scared of moths butterfies don't leave me with any negative feelings. Too bad you can not touch them (unless they touch you!).

      That's a nice title for a book ;) Do you imply I should start collecting material? ;)

      Thank you!!

    2. Considering your wonderful blog, I think you already are collecting material!

  2. Nice nails lol :D

    I'm pleased to see again such a bright lithops flower and some french words from you !

    1. Oh thanks a lot! The nails are all nature XD

      I'm listening to French all day long at work so I start to pick up things... mostly curses though XD