Saturday, October 17, 2015

Antimima starting to grow (3 pics)

So far I've only had one Antimima plant (fenestrata) and, it seems, to see any kind of development in its growth you have to take last year's photos and compare. Basically, it's a good thing. It means all goes as it should. The growth period comes, the plant grows a couple of leaves and then goes to sleep again (I'm consciously not mentioning flowers. On a windowsill? Come on!). So I'm trying to find satisfaction in seeing that within a year this plant has grown a bit. 

The Antimima fenestrata has really gotten bushier compared to last year and is now slowly waking up.

The other Antimima (pumila) is quite a small plant yet. I got it in July and back then it was all covered in last years's sheets. A short while ago I started watering and it woke up to show beautiful see-through windows! What a cutie!

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