Friday, July 3, 2015

New pebbles (4 pics)

Since I have much more room now I'm getting more plants. I've sown some too but the heatwave is trying very hard to ruin it. The adult plants are truly enjoying it! It's 38°C in the shade, no idea how much in the sun, it's crazy! And it seems the living stones can't get enough of it.

Anyway, I'll be posting about new pebbles this weekend and will start with Lithops ruschiorum I purchased recently. They vary from completely white and opaque to white with fine golden lines. The surface is a bit  rough, similar to L. vallis-mariae, I imagine, eve though I've never had those.


  1. Hello Rika.

    Having too much available growing space is a problem, and it will keep you awake at night. It is always recommended to fill such space as quickly as possible. Then you will be back with the rest of us, constantly complaining we don't have any more space to grow new plants. I'm glad to see you hard at work at fixing this "too much growing space" problem.

    Your new Lithops ruschiorum are wonderful and I look forward to your success in growing them. I'm a chronic under waterer, but L. ruschiorum is one of the lithops species I managed to rot several times with too much water. My potting soils were a little too rich back then, so perhaps that was part of the problem, but this was one of the lithops I was often afraid to water. You, however, seem to understand your plants' watering needs very well, so I expect you will have success with your Namibian lithops.

    While you and your plants are hot, we here in Eastern North America are relatively cool and very wet. High temperature today here was 26C. Our average high for today is 32C. In the past 10 days we have had 18cm of rain. Much too wet for cacti and other succulents. Of course my lithops are under cover and remain comfortably dry. Have you been to the sales in Essen yet? I know that is sometime in early July. I enjoyed reading about your visit last year.

    Thanks as always for the blog and please stay cool, real cool. ;)

  2. So true!! Also, the huge windowsill I have now just doesn't look nice when it's 3/4 empty! It will be a great sight when it's completely full. I'm going to fill it with the prettiest of plants :)
    And then I'll start complaining about not having any room for more haha XD

    I've never had ruschiorum before. Thank you for the heads up on the watering! I'll try to be very careful with it. At the moment all my lithops are completely mesmerized by so much heat and sunlight.Their surface is as hard as stone, they sit deep in the substrate and even though I water them casually they insist on being stunned. Maybe they just can't believe their luck! :D
    Overwatering in small pots, in pumice and in full sun is unlikely - all moisture evaporates before the plants can get too much. So I'm hopeful regarding the ruschiorum kids.

    You are having quite a nice weather I see. For people that is :)

    Yes, I'm going there tomorrow! Weather forecast says "thunderstorm" XD (same as last year when I went)

    Stay real cool, too ;) And have a great weekend!!

  3. Ruschiorum is a nice plant. I had one Lithops die in the hot weather. Why when those around it were fine? Even the same species.
    Seems vallis-mariae may be a Dinteranthus.

    1. I put them in the shadier part of he windowsill. It's difficult to tell how they feel about it. All my lithops are deep asleep at the moment and don't really react to water. Once the growing period starts again I think I can assess them better...

  4. Both of mines died last winter :(

    Good luck !

    1. I bought many and expect to lose some of them until I learn what they want. Sadly, we lose some plants every winter...

      Thank you!