Sunday, May 17, 2015

Risks of a conditions change (3 pics)

When I first moved to my new place I was pretty worried the new conditions would not be sufficient for my plants. I expected losses and some of them indeed died, although those were not feeling well for a while before the move and I can not tell for sure what exactly tipped them over the edge. All things considered, the conditions change was good for them. I think they get more sunlight here and more fresh air and I'm confident the baby plants that'll hatch here will grow better. Surprisingly Adenium trees simply love it here! I've never seen them with that many leaves of such a size before now.

To the plants that took this change hard unfortunately belong my previously so beautiful Titanopsis calcarea. The seedling have lost their pretty looks and are still struggling. The strongest and biggest plant seems okay: it started to grow new leaves and I have hope it will feel much better with time. I don't know about the other three seedlings. Two of them don't even try to grow. They don't die either, so that's good at least. But the saddest thing is their mother plant I was so proud of. It has dried up within a week after the move. All those pretty leaves just gone! As I was about to send it to the compost pile plant heaven it suddenly started to grow again. Maybe it will survive and regain its former glory but even if it does it will take years.


  1. I hope it recovers. I lose some plants each winter without moving.

    1. Yes, it's inevitable, I also lose some every winter. During the move I lost some plants I assumed to be strong though...
      Thank you!