Saturday, July 26, 2014

Aloinopsis luckhoffii babies (2 pics)

I didn't expect my Aloinopsis luckhoffii seedlings to live this long but here they are, almost one year old. They've started developing side shots recently.
(Btw, I think my camera is making the plants look greener than they are.)

Under my conditions the adult plant grows in a pace that makes me wonder every couple of months whether there will be new leaves sometime in the future or not. There usually are but no guaranties. It looks well and everything but I don't feel that it's really flourishing. (Not a well focused pic, I know)


  1. Your Aloinopsis luckhoffii seedlings are beautiful. The leaves are plump and healthy and the color looks about right; maybe mine were somewhat more bluish-green. I love the marginal tubercles on the edges of the leaves. Some of your leaf edge tubercles are quite long and look like tiny spikes. On more mature leaves these marginal tubercles usually take on a more pinkish color and provide a nice contrast to the greener tubercles on the leaves themselves. They look super for only a year old. Nice job. You really make me want to grow more mesembs, but I really don't have the space or extra time. So, as always, I'll just enjoy yours. Thanks for sharing them with us. :D

    1. I'll be looking forward to seeing those pink spikes but my guess is I'll need a greenhouse with lots of light for that ;)
      It's nice to see that the seedlings are starting to grow those little white teeth, too. They look like baby dinosaurs. At least that's my association XD

      Thank YOU for stepping by ;)