Saturday, June 7, 2014

Titanopsis primosii seedlings

These Titanopsis primosii seedlings are one year old now and one of them is starting to develop side shoots. I'll have to repot them soon. In fact, all of the last year's mesemb seedlings are in need of transplantation... 


  1. Very nice looking seedlings for only a year old. This is one mesemb that probably would have improved, or at least different) coloring if it had colder temperatures during the winter. I'm wondering if my red T. calcarea's coloration is due to the cold I am able to give it in the winter. The three environmental factors that can influence plant colors are intensity of light, winter temperature, and amount of water provided. Your T. primosii are very nice as is your photography. It's always exciting to see your plants as they grow and mature.

    1. Thanks :)
      They are not as green as they appear on the picture but there's definitely much room for improvement. Unfortunately I can't give them any other conditions for now :)
      Looking forward to reading more about your red seedlings. I think their coloration is not just due to cold winters.