Thursday, June 12, 2014

Prepodesma orpenii blooming

The flower is so kind to still be open every day when I come home from work :)
I'm not sure if the flowers on my other Prepodesma plant will ever fully develop and open but I've swept the pollen from this one and put the brush in the fridge for now. No idea if it'll work. 


  1. Lovely. A bright bit of sunshine for your apartment. My P. orpenii is also still flowering. Tough little plants. Yes, I think you do have more sun than the average windowsill. Of course it depends on how much sun the European weather provides. Today here in Maryland, no sun, viel Regen, Blitz und Donner. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Prepodesma flower with us.

    1. Prepodesma flowering is rare for me. They haven't flowered since I got them (couple of years) so this is quite exciting. I think the other one will drop the flowers after all though.

      It's still summerly hot and sunny here :)