Friday, June 27, 2014

Glottiphyllum pygmaeum question mark

I got the seeds as Glottiphyllum pygmaeum (actually some fancy red-leaf form but whatever). Now they are 7 months old and I really don't know whether they are really what they were supposed to be. Do they look like Glottiphyllum pygmaeum to you? Shouldn't they have more rounded, sideways growing leaves? Are they supposed to be this poisonous green? I can't even take a proper picture because of the floppiness amd glossiness. Also, they've been growing huge long leaves before but now they're growing these short round blobs :D


  1. I never liked Glots very much as they always seem to WANT to be green and overgrown. You almost have to kill them (dry and hot) make them look compact and have some color other than green. At only 7 months you still may be seeing the immature (juvenile) leaves. You probably shouldn't really judge them until their second year. Their leaves should progressively become shorter and more squat over time, providing you can give them enough sun. I doubt in your situation you'll get colors other than "poisonous green" (I like that description :)) have a way with performing miracles with your environmental conditions, so who knows. I wish you the best with your "Green Tongues" XD

    1. That's true, I've noticed the color gets darker on the spots where the sun hits. But only there :) I'll have to get used to the green color and floppy leaves. Hopefully I can give them more room to spread sometime soon.
      Thank you for your very helpful comments! Sowing all kinds of mesembs is so much fun but it's difficult to judge whether all is going well and as it should. I know too little. Thank you very much for taking a look at my plants and explaining things to me :)