Sunday, June 29, 2014

Anacampseros seedlings (2 pics)

I've sent out all the envelops with fresh Anacampseros seeds to you guys. Make sure to sow them soon :)

The bunch of seeds I've hatched myself have turned into 9 tough seedlings and now, as they are one whole month old, they are showing their first hairs. Cute, huh? At first I thought those were mealy bugs, which is far less cute XD


  1. It's interesting to see the axillary bristles developing on the seedling cotyledons. I would have expected the bristles (hairs) would have only occurred on the first true leaves. I always learn something interesting on your blog. The seedlings look great, strong and healthy. I always found Anacampseros filamentosa relatively easy to grow. My favorite was Anacampseros comptonii with it's flat topped leaves. The leaves are very small, less than 5 mm in length. Nine seedlings are a lot, since they grow relatively fast. Unlike, their Avonia relatives. :) Congratulations on a succulent batch of seedlings grown from YOUR own collected seed. Very nice.

    1. Maybe the bristles are something like.. forerunners of the next, true leaves? More connected to the new ones than the cotyledons? Btw, now that those true leaves have started to grow, I was surprised to see that they don't grow in pairs but rather one at a time. I haven't noticed this before on the bigger plants. It's such fun to grow plants from seed! So much to learn! And of course the fact that the seeds are from my own harvest makes the seedlings very special.
      Thank you for encouraging me :)

      You're right, that's a lot. I've already gave away all the rest of the seeds I had and if the plants grow too fast (first they need to survive) I will possibly give some of them away, too...