Sunday, April 6, 2014

Anacampseros namaquensis

A most welcome sight - Anacampseros namaquensis growing flowers.
I understand the flowers should be Avonia-like. :)


  1. Looks strange from that angle. Good photograph. I treated A. namaquensis as a ssp. of A. filamentosa. They look very similar. I think there are some slight differences in the shape of the leaves and seeds, but not very noticeable without close up study. You are right, the flowers will be similar to Avonia flowers, after all, they are both in the Portulacaceae family and the Avonia species were considered to be within the genus Anacampseros until they were reclassified in 1994. I personally think the avonia flowers are nicer looking than the anacamperos flowers, but I rely on old memories. I'll be interested in what you think when the flowers arrive. I really like the leaf color on your plant, It's darker than I remember my A. filamentosa leaves, very attractive.

    1. Thank you! I was going for a macro pic of all the hairs :)
      I have 2 tiny A. aff. namaquensis I've found in a pot together with an A. schooneesii I bought last year. So I decided to get a bigger plant. Got this one two months ago and since then it has grown 5 extra branches (it didn't have any before) and now the flower stalks. I'm very excited to grow it :)

      The flower stalks develop pretty quickly. I thought it'll take them more time since I was comparing them in my head with summer-flowering Avonia.

      Please show your A. filamentosa one day in your blog ;)

  2. Sorry, can't show my A. filamentosa. It's no longer with me. :( My entire anacampseros collection (about 20 plants) were lost in the tornado that hit our house in 2002. Haven't grown any anacampseros since. Thus the enjoyment of watching you grow yours. :)

    1. Sad to hear it : / Any chance of restarting the collection?
      I know space is limited at your place, too...

      I only start discovering them for myself. Got an A. albissima multiramosa to mix things up... Maybe I should look for a greenhouse instead of an apartment and just go live there......