Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A. schooneesii growing (3 pics)

Here is another perfect seedling, ten months old. The others are doing well, too. Unlike the one tiny seedling you can see in the left corner of the photo below (same age btw) the others are only slightly smaller than this kid. Hope the root is getting fatter as well. Love the darker color! ☆

Can you spot the side branch? ;)

My adult plant is growing new leaves, too. It is slightly elevated to give the leaf-ball more room to spread. I guess the leaves would have spread more horizontally if the caudex was buried from the start but I've received it already as a ball last year and I kinda like it :D


  1. Very nice, I like the darker color also. They appear to grow in little balls of stems with little balls at the ends of the leaves. I think they call this type of growth form (the balls of stems) a subrosette. Great size for less than a year old. Is there much development of the tuberous root at this stage of growth?

    On a side note: I'm almost afraid to ask.....Are the Muirias still hanging in? They are a real challenge to grow.

    1. A subrosette, huh? Learnt a new word, thanks :)
      The last time I checked the roots was at the stage as they were having only a couple of leaves (in October), but the roots were promising: At this growth rate (they are already squeezing each other out of the pot) I will be setting them apart soon. I'll report on the root development then :)

      You're afraid to ask and I'm afraid to check on them every time haha. Yes, 3 seedlings are still alive. They don't look strong but they hang in there. I hope they'll start showing first true leaves soon. Normally seedlings grow stronger after that...
      Recently I've sown another 5-seed-bunch. Three have germinated and look good so far.
      I won't give up :)