Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trichodiadema calvatum

Another new plant on the windowsill.
I liked the little T. densum so much I wanted another one of the kind. I had to find out the hard way that I'm not used to having spines around here. It's like the Trichodiadema is protecting all the plants around it by stinging me. "Don't touch my friends!" :)


  1. A very pretty plant with a lot of character. I've never grown Trichodiadema, which is surprising since it looks a lot like a cactus. The leaves however, are very beautiful with their prominent specialized water storage cells which glisten like tiny jewels in sunlight. A great plant for any mesemb collection, although it can get relatively large, if not kept regularly pruned. I don't have too much sympathy about the tiny, tiny hairs, stinging. Come to my yard and I'll show you some real spines that will do more than sting! :) I've had some spines in me that need pliers (Zange) to get them out. But that's one of the reasons intelligent growers (like you) don't grow cacti. Hope you can get your Trichodiadema to flower because the flowers are very nice. Have fun and watch out for those stinging hairs.

    1. Thank you for all the information :) At the moment it is still compact, sitting in a 5x5 cm pot but I'll keep in mind that this can change quickly. This is my first year growing Trichodiadema so there's a lot to learn! For example not to get too close to it ;)

      Oh I don't mind cacti, I'm very fond of the ariocarpus genus hehehe

      Why is it we love so much what hurts us :)