Wednesday, November 27, 2013

lithops seedlings update (4 pics)

Just a quick update on how some of my lithops seedlings are doing these days. :)
As you can see seedlings from 2012 are much bigger now and should regenerate shortly. Interestingly they all have had only one regeneration so far, being on an adult leaf change schedule right from the start. Jk, they are simply slow. ;) Quite big though (aucampiae) and desperately needing larger pots (bromfieldii).

Seedlings from 2011 are also about to change their leaves. The pancakes are such gems. Can't wait to see their next leaves, they must be much more adult-like.

Seedlings 2009, gracilidelineata, are already far along. As always, I hope for flowers next season.


  1. Especially the two invaders amongst the bromfieldii!! :-P

    1. Thank you very much :)
      The invaders are aucampiae 'Bella Ketty' cultivar. I have 4 seedlings that are quite promising. Can't wait for their next regeneration!