Monday, November 25, 2013

A. rubrolineata all dreamy

Another photo of the pretty flower. This time an artistic one of sorts :)


  1. Wonderful photo of a beautiful mesemb in flower. I sure like those red petal stripes. Well, I think your Aloinopsis rubrolineata has officially flowered! How long have you had this plant? The condition of the plant and the flower is evidence that it is growing very well. It will be interesting to see if your plant exhibits the characteristic slow, steady flowering often common with A. rubrolineata, if so, you may have flowers all winter. How wonderful that would be. :)

    1. Thank you very much! :) I'm very excited to see it finally bloom!
      I've had this plants since spring 2012. Here's a pic of how it looked like back then:
      It has tried to flower numerous times but until now always in summer for some reason and always unsuccessfully. This is the first time it tried flowering in the colder months and could finally develop the flower fully. There is another bud coming out of the top but no idea if it'll have the strength for it as well. It took the plant 2 months to develop this one. Flowering all winter long would be amazing but I'm happy as it is for now :)