Sunday, October 20, 2013

A. rubrolineata flower

Also, this is happening :)


  1. Beautiful flower and plant. The red stripping on the petals grabs your attention. Of course rubrolineata is from rubro lineata (red lined). The Afrikaans name for Aloinopsis rubrolineata is streepvygie. Yeah, I like the tuberous root too. Especially the way it is shown off and photographed by the grower. Obviously a grower who knows how to grow these little South African gems. The close up of the flower is worthy of computer wallpaper. ;-)

    1. I'll email you in a bit ;)

      Maybe I should make and post some wallpapers sometime...
      Thank you very much. It's not easy to take pictures of these plants in a natural light, it's either too much light or too dark. Best is in the evening sun but this time of the year it's rare.
      The plant now has 2 open flowers, very pretty. I'm also very anxious to see if my other plant will finally be able to fully develop its flower. That would be worth a real celebration!

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    1. It is! Hope to keep it alive and happy!