Saturday, September 21, 2013

Strange thing about Avonia

My Avonia quinaria ssp. alstonii continues to surprise. Now explain this to me. From what I read everywhere Avonia quinaria is the only Anacampseros species that is not self-fertile hence needs a genetically different partner to develop seeds. Today I noticed three out of its flowers, now dried up, were still attached to the plant. Normally they drop very soon after they close, just as the other flowers did. Since I normally remove old rests of flowers or old leaves from my plants I pulled on them and felt they weren't exactly soft. It turns out there are seed pods with seeds inside. And most of them have a nice viable size and shape. How did this happen? It was flowering all alone.

 I remember Bob Stewart warned me once that these girls are trouble XD


  1. how about the seeds now? did they become new plants?

  2. I'm also curious if you ever sowed these seeds and had any outcome. I love your blog. Just found it as a result of someone's Facebook recommendation.

  3. Thank you very much for visiting :)

    Yes, I sowed these seeds and they all eagerly germinated. Unfortunately I've killed them a couple of months later. I still need to figure out how to successfully grow Avonia from seed. Will practice more this year :)