Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nananthus transvaalensis (2 pics)

My new plants have arrived! Well, really new are only two, one of which is this Nananthus. I'm still trying to get familiar with more non-lithops mesembs, you know. Not a surprise but still a great sight were the wonderfully thick roots. I read that with the caudiciform mesembs the roots only grow larger when they're underground but I couldn't bring myself to bury them completely (a mistake?). While my Aloinopsis rubrolineata is completely buried (no idea if it helps), Avonia quinaria plants (not a mesemb) are above ground and don't get much bigger as far as I can tell. Maybe I should bury them all for now.

I heard that caudiciforms are grown underground untill they're large enough to be displayed as such...


  1. Neat plant! I've never grown Nananthus. The tuberous roots are nice. Please show flowers when it blooms. The flower petals should have a red stripe down center which should make the flowers very attractive. I'm going to be repotting some lithops today. Hope you day has been a good one. Bob

    1. Thanks! I see a lot of similarities between nananthus and A.rubrolineata: the roots and flowers seam to have similar properties. Can't wait to see the flowers "live". My A. rubrolineata was trying to flower 2 times but never had enough strength.
      Have a nice day! Spending the day with caring for plants is so relaxing.

  2. Just read that nowadays it's called N. vittatus. No idea if true...