Sunday, November 18, 2012

Prepodesma update

"Other mesembs" are doing well on my windowsill even though I've been growing them since only a little over a year and am still figuring them out. There were a couple of losses but way more success stories. The Prepodesma orpenii grows slowly but steady and looks much better now than back when I first got it, new leaves and everything. 


  1. We are in similar positions with this one, I am also working on figuring it out - mine is a lot darker and smaller (possibly just a variant)!

    1. If you look at the pic from before (there's a link in my post) it was also smallish-wrinkly and dark back then. Might be a conditions/time of the year thing.
      It seems to be sleeping now, hm.

    2. Have you looked closely at the leaves - does it have scale? If so, be careful that it not jump to lithops.

    3. It's fine. The dots on the photo are some mechanical/chemical damage from the store, not bugs ;)