Thursday, October 11, 2012

flowering season update 4

My Faucaria tigrina has grown several new leaves since I got it and the (second) flower bud has developed to the point of opening any day now. I couldn't take a proper picture of the first one so I'll try it this time. ;)

Also, I just couldn't resist to snap a couple more shots of the greenhorn flower. The older it is the more amazing it gets. It was really sparkling and glowing in the evening sun yesterday and even as it set the glow was still on the petals. I think no photo can capture it. 

Are there any poems about mesemb flowers? There should be. :)


  1. Poems for mesemb flowers?? You have the beautiful photos, now you must write!

    1. Thanks :)
      Oh no, not me XD "A Lithops lesliei ssp. lesliei v. hornii by any other name..." :D

  2. Wonderful, the one thing about lithops and various other mesmebs , that fascinates, the large flowers in relation to the plants.

  3. Hallo Rika,

    you didn´t write anything about your 'Greenhorn' since 2012.
    Are they stil alive?

    I once got some seeds from this plants from you and I loved the plants I got. Because there where green plants, intermediate plants and natur colored rosty red plants as well. This prooves to me, that this is really 'Greenhorn' and not just another green L. lesliei. Unforunately these plats got sunburned and ony three surved.

    Herzliche Grüße aus Berlin,