Friday, June 29, 2012

Titanopsis are amazing

... and have minds of their own. I've set my two calcareas apart at last. As they were each put in their own container the smaller plant had a big gap because it was growing around the bigger one until now. I even felt sorry for it because it seemed so lonely on its own, with a big gap left where its mate was. Silly me! Only two days later the smaller plant realised it had finally room to do whatever it wants and to finally spread its leaves in all directions. The gap has vanished almost in front of my eyes!
And here I thought it would take some time until it closes with that new tiny branch that is growing in the "gap" area. Forget the branch. The plant simply occupied the newly found room with what it's already got. So there goes my mesemb romantic. :)

PS: I wrote the previous post a week ago but only posted yesterday.

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