Friday, June 15, 2012

Prepodesma orpenii

The flowers have just opened. It's 8 o'clock in the evening, how amazing is that? This plant is almost night-flowering. :) I've bought it recently and it had flower buds already but I didn't expect them to develop after storing the plant in the dark for days, fransporting, transplanting. The buds tend to drop if the plant is stressed. Yet here they are.
It's also known as Aloinopsis orpenii but the proper name seems to be Prepodesma orpenii.


  1. It looks lovely & happy. I noticed that my Lithops flowers only open in the late afternoon. It's probably too hot in the deserts for pollinators to fly and crawl around at midday so I think they've adapted to flower when it's slightly cooler & darker.

    1. The thing with the pollinators sounds logical. It's funny how in the flowering season you schedule your life around the time the flowers open, if possible :) Who would want to willingly miss those couple of hours?

    2. Actually this plant seems to have more similarities with a Rabiea....