Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rabiea albipuncta

This winter I got a most wonderful Birthday present - two new succulent plants. What else could you wish for? :) One of them is a big Crassula rupestris of which I still have to take a nice picture. The other is a Rabiea albipuncta. It had flowers when I first got it and is now growing very fast. I'm not sure about the proper care yet but will probably find out with time. 
The leaves have a very nice dotty texture. And the dots are see-through!


  1. Very nice. They are pretty hardy (come from mainly summer rainfall region) cold winters, hot summer days, late afternoon rain. As usual good drainage. Spider mite can be issue.

    1. Thanks! That's good to hear. Seems to be similar to Lithops. Will look out for the bugs.