Wednesday, March 21, 2012

another seedlings report

Even though it was the best time to sow lithops in February I've decided to drop it. In fact I'm not going to sow any new plants this year.
This means my youngest seedlings aren't that young anymore and are growing quickly. Some of the Ventergreen seedlings have distinct patterns and a typical color already (hatched last April).
Lesliei ssp. burchellii (C308) sown in June are pushing each other out of their container.
Being the youngest (hatched in July) julii v. fulleri 'kōsōgyoku' have finally cast off their first leaves and show some color.
Lesliei 'Fred's Redhead' (one year old) have grown a bit too long but will surely correct themselves soon (the new leaves are coming)


  1. Lovely babies growing up! Why did you decide not to sew any new seeds this year?

    1. Thank you :)
      julii were very small and slow all this time but they're finaly growing now.
      I'm about to graduate from the university so that i might have to move to another appartment/city later this year. i just don't want to have to worry about freshly hatched seedlings then. transporting all the other plants will be difficult enough :)