Saturday, February 11, 2012

regeneration continues

Proceeding on the regeneration report 2012, a lot is going on these cold sunny days.
One of the flashy karasmontanas 'Top Red' gives a glimpse of its new leaves.
The new lobes of the schwantesii C248 are very beautiful as they shine in the sunlight.
Fulviceps 'Aurea' are almost done.
Gesinae is far along as well.
Helmutii has a long way to go though.


  1. Lovely pictures! Those Top Red's are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Heather! With such a color who needs flowers? :)

  2. Rika! Now I envy you for real :P I get no sun and my lithops regenerate so slowly... It's freezing outside and the sun (in my western window) shines just few hours in the afternoon. I'm thinking about giving up, can't observe my plants disappearing or as fulviceps aurea, reaching up to three cm...
    What is your secret to keep them alive during the winter? Maybe I do something wrong (although it's my second winter with lithops and last time everything was ok..).
    I appreciate any suggestion :)

    1. Hi Joanna! Don't worry your plants regenerate slowly, it's perfectly fine. Mine are quick at the moment because we have some sunny days. It's actually still too early now: it takes lithops up until april or later to properly digest the old leaves. ;) Don't give up just yet~
      My secret ist mostly not to do anything in winter. I stop watering around october and don't water until the old leaves have dried up (around march). Some people provide cool temperatures, but I don't. It's the best when there's lots of light but not using artificial light (like i do) we can only hope the sun comes out from time to time ;) Also, there are always losses over the winter, i've lost several this time around, too. It's normal, you can't always prevent it from happening!

    2. Thank you for replying, dear, seems I do everything I should (no watering and just leaving them alone); maybe some shopping will cheer me up ;)

    3. you're welcome Joanna :)
      shopping is the best way indeed, no matter what you buy!
      can't wait to shop for more lithops but i'd have to "shop" for a new appartment first haha