Monday, February 6, 2012

dorotheae's new clothes

Only a couple of sunny weeks and the lithops are showing their new leaves more and more every day. The dorotheae are working through the old leaves really well but there's still no hurry in watering. ;)
I'm especially looking forward to watering these two and seing their interesting patterns clearly once they start to grow and get rid of the wrinkles.


  1. New to lithops. Have two in a pot. Have not watered over winter. How will I know when to start?

    1. Hi Lucy,

      just wait until the new leaves completely come out and the old ones dry out. ;) as long as the old leaves are still 'meaty' the lithops doesn't need water simply using the old resources~

  2. Hello! Rika,

    My name is Kasumin*, from Japan.
    I just find your blog today.
    I LOVE lithops , too!
    Are you Japanese?
    your name sounds like Japanese name.
    please visit my blog!

    1. Hallo Kasumin! Nice to meet you :)
      Thank you for your interest in my blog. I'm not Japanese but I was studying in Japan for a year back in 2009.