Wednesday, February 15, 2012

beauty in being different

Speaking of weird shapes. You might remember this lesliei from this post. It looked ridiculous back then, with the heads looking in different directions. A year later it had a much better appearance but there was still some weirdness shining through. This year it had a new surprise prepared. It has grown a 3rd head but in a very unusual manner. See for yourself:
Figure 1
If you're new to lithops I'll explain what's unusual about it. If one head of a lithops is turning into two heads they look like a four-leaf clover at first, the fissures building a line (figure 1). 
Figure 2
What's wrong on this picture is that the one new head is twisted (figure 2). I guess this plant is just a rebel, doing things its own way. I gladly welcome the weirdness as long as the plant is healthy.
On a side note, I bought it on a Succulent Expo as a hybrid lesliei Fred's Redhead x lesliei v. minor C6A. It doesn't seem to have much from a Redhead and I'll still need to see the flowers but it does look like a C6, of which I have some seedlings (picture below). Maybe it grows so strange because of the wild hybridization?


  1. Very interesting indeed.
    I know the plants as "living stones".

    1. Nice to meet you Gisela :)
      I think they call pleiospilos and conophytum "living stones", too..