Saturday, August 13, 2011

little gracili

Continuing the posts about seedlings, here come the gracilidelineata which are one year younger than the plants from the previous post (more here).
There are three more of them but weaker and therefore in the "magic pot" (It IS magical! I put all the weak plants in it and they just start to thrive!)


  1. So how often do you look at them, because they dont seem to change in a very long time! What is the medium for the roots under those gravels.

  2. haha looking at them everyday there is not much change but if i compare pics from a couple of months ago with now i see how much they've actually grown. look:
    the gravels are pumice and there's nothing else there, only pumice stones all the way down ;)

  3. Heaven babies :) This specie looks really peaceful.

    I'll soon try seedlings again. If it works I'll do it with your seeds x)

    See you Rika

  4. They all look very healthy. Growth speed is not that important, IMHO. Have your Lithops started flowering already (apart from L. pseudotruncatella / gracilidelineata)?

  5. Hi Jimmy :)
    they are also very stoney looking~

    oh, great! i'm currently try to make room for more seedling myself :)

    Hello Z!
    my lithops had an early start, maybe because the weather this year has 'shifted'. hot spring and cold summer. if you click on the label 'flowers' there are a couple of plants with flowers from last month :)