Saturday, August 6, 2011


The five-headed helmutii has gotten huge compared to April.
L. otzeniana wasn't that lucky this year: it had to deal with mealy bugs, was weakened and lost a couple of heads. It is about to bloom at the moment but I'm not sure if it's a good sign or a swan song.


  1. Hi i am new here, my friend just introduced me to lithops as i don't know this plant yet. I am still searching about the characteristics of this plant as they are so amazing. My friend tried germinating them from seeds, but i think he failed letting them grow. I will be reading most of your older posts about them. thanks.

  2. Hello and welcome Andrea :)
    Thanks for reading the blog. Lithops are very interesting plants, cute little colorful stones. If you have questions about them feel free to email me, I'll be happy if I can help ;)

  3. I have this little guy in the garden here. It gets some shade from the brutal desert sun. It likes some moisture but not to be overly wet or dry. Tricky. Rohrerbot Las Aventuras

  4. Yes it's all about the ballance with these guys :)
    Never thought it was possible to grow them in the garden!