Sunday, June 26, 2011

first flower this year

It didn't take long :)


  1. I'll have to check with my own plants, but they seem to be flowering very early this year, don't they?

  2. Awww beautiful!!! Congrats Rika!!!
    I'm happy for you, nonetheless it's leaving me in trouble for I don't know what's the problem with my stones - some of them have not finished transforming yet - seems they froze... and some don't even show any signs of new leaves, and it's almost July! Maybe I am not made to grow Lithops (although spent a fortune to get them :P)

    Anyway - yours are simply LOVELY!!!

  3. Gorgeous Rika! Your plants must be very happy to be flowering so soon!

  4. Hi Rika,
    I had about a hundred named Lithops at the local sale this last weekend and out of those, sure enough, one was flowering. There always seems to be an oddball or two, which is nice since it helps me tell people about all the wonders of these plants. Being able to show the actual flower is a lot better than a picture any day.
    It looks like your plants are doing quite well and you should congratulate yourself.

  5. I've never seen a lithops in flower and, stupid that I am, I've never thought to wonder what one might look like. Indeed, I don't think I even realised they do flower! This one looks so fresh and startled to have 'emerged'! Adds another dimension.


  6. Z, thanks :)
    it is as if the weather this year has shifted a bit, very hot may and april, and now it's cold as if it's fall... maybe the lithops feel it?

    thank you Joanna, don't give up on your plants, they'll get through this. if they're new they might need to get used to your growing conditions first ;)

  7. i hope so, Heather. i had a couple of losses to the mealybugs recently. you never fully get rid of those, it seems. so not all of them are happy right now..

    Luther, i wished i could be there :) we have this garden show (?) called 'bundesgartenschau' in Koblenz, which is near to where i live, and there will be a cactus expo in a couple of weeks. probably nothing special, but i hope i can go.
    yes, lithops never fail to surprise! thank you :)

    Lucy, lithops flowers are little miracles indeed :) i never thought they flower before either, especially never thought their flowers are so big! you're not alone ;)