Tuesday, May 24, 2011

YS de Boer

Mr. Shimada's de Boer are again slightly different.


  1. The windows are changing their aspect so fast... have you heard about the 'Zorro' ? I've seen some seedlings and there's no child that's the same as its brother !

    I'm wondering, are the lithops changing the aspect of their skin so much in situ ?...

  2. Love these pictures of your different L. dorotheaes! I just have a C124, and it is one of my favorites. But it is so nice to see what other varieties look like...and plan and dream of future acquisitions!

  3. Amazing. It's really hard to tell it's a picture and not a painting.

  4. Hello Jimmy,
    I don't think that one plant changes its patterns much from year to year but it does change its color depending on growing conditions :) Also, different plants from one sort or cole number can look very different
    dorotheae 'Zorro' are very beautiful indeed!

  5. Heather, all dorotheae are such beauties! :) And they vary a lot in their appearance.

  6. Thank you Z :)
    Nature is a great artist~