Sunday, March 20, 2011

new housemates

Last week I stopped by a local garden center and couldn't walk past these guys. Quite surprising to see bromfieldii 'Sulphurea' in a simple flower shop. :)


  1. Quite a nice find. I wouldn't be able to pass them by either!

  2. Thanks Luther :)
    I guess the seller didn't know what they are. They should have been much more expensive. Hope they'll acclimatize well in the new environment. you never know what they feed them in flower shops.

    Ellie, indeed! they really stand out among my other plants. so green :)

  3. I've wished for a fluro coloured Lithops, and although this is not exactly highlighter green, I think I will still have to get a pair! At second thoughts, it does look surprisingly fluro doesn't it? Does it glow in the dark? Lol.

    1. Who knows what it was fed at the shop ;)
      It has a more natural look now (check the tag bromfieldii), but still "very" green :)