Wednesday, March 30, 2011

more heads

I've counted 17 plants getting more heads this year. They're mostly lesliei from the bunch I bought as young seedlings back in 2008, but there is also a couple of salicolas, julii and helmutii.
Both julii v. fulleri 'Kōsōgyoku' I bought from Mr. Shimada a year ago are getting two-headed. It looks like this plant had some timing troubles and tried to flower out of the new leaves. I guess, it means no flowers this year. What do you think?
The renewed Ventergreens have just the most wonderful green tee color. I could stare at them for hours haha. Will try to sow more in about two weeks.
The helmutii aren't far along yet but if you look closely you'll see the fifth head!
 A couple of the lesliei seedlings I mentioned before. Maybe this year I can finally persuade them to flower.


  1. wow, I'm so envious!
    so many heads! you, or your parents, must be doing a wonderful job caring for them

  2. thanks :)
    I think, some of them just have reached the age, when they go from one head to two. Can't wait to see their development this year.

  3. These are beautiful, I've bought Lithops a couple of times, but I always kill them, do you have any growing advice?

  4. Thanks! :)
    don't worry, we've all have killed our share of lithops. and there are _always_ losses after the winter. also, if you buy them in a normal flower shop they are often weakened my bugs and unappropriate conditions, so that it's difficult to keep them alive even if you provide them with perfect care. don't give up on them though! ;)

    i've already posted some basic tips, but if you have any specific questions feel free to email me or ask here.
    here are the links: