Sunday, September 19, 2010

first seedlings update

These seedlings are from April 2008 - my first try to grow lithops from seed.

They haven't changed much compared to last year, but of course they've gotten bigger. I assume, experienced growers would get fully grown and already flowering plants in this time but if you consider that these guys didn't get any fertilizer for a year growing in pumice they did very well thanks to my mother's care. :) There are only two of both aucampiae and the greenies now though. The latter look like greenie-terricolor at the moment: dots all over. They say, 'Storm's albinigold' and 'Albinica' look the same but when I compare mine, or even pics of them from the net, it seems that C036A have more green while C36B have more yellow in them. Is it just me?

If you look closely at the 'bitten' lesliei v. minor, you'll see that the thin upper layer bursted as the plant responded to water after the pot-change and began to expand. This is a good sign: the plant is willing to grow and the roots are okay. Also, I already can see new leaves coming up in one of them. The sooner they get rid of the damaged 'skin' the better: this hard dried out shell won't let them grow properly, and I don't even know if they get enough light through it. I'll keep watching them closely.

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