Saturday, February 20, 2010

More surprises

Last summer I bought a bunch of cute plants from a store nearby which seem to be some aucampiae-ish mix (correct me if I'm wrong). Well, you know I can't calmly walk past that :). Like the most of the lithops I get from an unspecialised stores like this they started to change their lobes as soon as they could, obviously "downsizing". As they were half-through with it I noticed a little lithops kid growing right beside a slightly bigger one and thought I buried it in pumice accidentally. It was not before I re-poted them a couple of months later when I saw it was actually one plant gone two-headed: the smaller head broke through near the root and was slowly growing as the other seemed to change just like the rest of the plants.
It's the one on the right side of the picture.

And here I thought lithops must be big enough to get an extra head: must be the dope from the store. :)

I'll show some of the others of the bunch in the next post. They're nothing special, but I like the patterns and coloring.


  1. This head was a bit shy :)

    I like the good aspect that all your lithops have.

  2. olá.
    estão maravilhos estes lithops.
    saudavéis, lindos.


  3. @Bololoch: thank you! they probably feel the love :)
    it will be "the one with a shy head" from now on, hahaha

    thank you Rosan! :) it took them several months and one leaves-change to look normal and healthy again.