Sunday, September 20, 2009

buds are showing

Now, if they'll manage to grow and open in 9 days, while I'm still in the country, I'm going to be very lucky. It's been a couple of nice sunny days and according to the weather forecast it's going to stay this way so I'm not losing hope yet. :)

This one is a lithops julii (probably fulleri C259). Hard to tell yet but I think the other 'head' is about to bloom, too.

... and here's a better picture of that pretty hookeri from before.


  1. And where are you going in 9 days? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. was going to make a post about it soon :)
    I was accepted in a japanese university to study there for a year (I'm studying japanology in germany since 3 years), so I'm flying to Japan 29.09 - which is VERY scary but also exciting.
    It doesn't necessary mean I'll stop blogging here though. I'm planning on visiting the succulent societies and making photos of their collections if I can. So if I'll be able to organize that I'll surely post pictures here.
    Meanwhile I really hope my parents, who agreed to keep an eye on my plants, won't mess up that badly..

  3. That sounds exciting. We'll expect some posts of your new experiences from Japan. We have some customers in Japan - a shipment of Echeverias leaving next week. They have some really awesome Haworthia hybrids. In fact a Japanese woman from Seattle travels to Japan and brings back hard-to-find Haworthias and through her sale of them on E-Bay finances her trips to Japan.

    Congratulations! I'm sure your parents will do well by your plants.

  4. Thank you!
    Yes, i've seen pictured of japanese hybrid haworthias on the internet and they look very impressive even for me, and I'm not an expert. I'd definitely want to see such plants live and take pictures, so hopefully I'll get the chance.
    I heard getting seeds of those rare plants is nearly impossible though. The owners prefer to sell plants - no wonder! :)