Sunday, May 8, 2016

Titamopsis primosii: first flower (3 pics)

Before I write a post on all the showy Delosperma flowers from my balcony I wanted to show you this one which is much more special to me. I grew this Titanopsis primosii from seed and am now very proud it has managed to grow such a large and beautiful flower. Or to bloom at all. The plant itself is quite tiny and I really wonder where it got the strength. After all, my grown up Titanopsis promisii have never ever flowered for me. 

It has been flowering for a week now but I couldn't see it as it only opened for a short time in the afternoon. Yesterday I could finally arrange a photo session with this beauty.


  1. Can you describe how you started them from seed? I have some seeds and they've put out a single small root, and shown a little green, but then they just die. I cant tell if they're damping off or drying up or what.

    1. It seems your seedlings might get too much sun (they burn) or too much heat (they cook) or something in the soil makes them rot... Try again!

      I did the same with them as I do with lithops. I spread the seeds on top of pure pumice (slightly moist so that the seeds stick to the stone's surface) and cover up the pot with a see-through lid. I then place them on my windowsill, no artificial light. I remove the lid once the first leaves are a bit more fleshy but avoid strong sunlight at first. Hm, I don't know, it's all mostly a feeling, not science...