Saturday, May 31, 2014

Anacampseros seed capsules (3 pics)

I honestly don't know much about Anacampseros except for my own observations but I remember reading somewhere that they are or can be self-fertile. Since my Anacampseros filamentosa ssp. namaquensis is currently flowering (I missed almost all of the flowers) I was wondering whether any seeds will develop. Some of the faded flowers drop their heads and fall off very soon.

Others stay upright and push the remaining sepals up like a hat with only some hair-like see-through fibers left. If you look closely you can see something is inside that looks like the rests of dried anthers. But in fact those are seeds!

The unusual and pretty unstable seed capsule measures only 6mm but there are over 60 seeds. The seeds are placed loosely inside and fall out at the slightest touch.


  1. A person with no space should not be playing around with seed pods. ;) Anacampseros is so easily self-fertile you would have a difficult time trying to create hybrids! They would find a way to self pollinate before you could apply the foreign pollen You don't even need your little paint brush to help them out. Avonia quinaria is more difficult. There you do have to help out with your brush, and even then it is not a sure thing. Did you ever get fruit and seed from your Avonias?

    It is exciting and fun to grow plants from the seed YOU produce, but seedlings grow, and when space is in short supply --- sometimes you just have to resist. Of course, I am the last person who should lecture anyone on resisting planting seed. I recently planted 200 seeds of Astrophytum hybrids I produced and I think they ALL germinated. Many of the seedlings are very different and interesting, but I also have no extra over-wintering space. I should practice what I preach.

    BTW - Very interesting seed capsule. :)

    1. The question is how can I NOT play with seed pods :D I don't have a choice there, I just have to.
      Afterwards I threw 10 seeds in a pot with older seedlings and 7 have germinated on the second day already! I'll see how it goes with them and will probably distribute the rest of the seeds as long as they are fresh :)

      Yes I could get a self-pollinated pod from an Avonia too last year and a very good germination rate but the seedlings died on me soon after.

      200 Astrophytum seedlings! Good thing our plants are slow growing ;) What about building another overwintering frame? ;)
      In my case I just hope by the time they're bigger I'll have more room, even though it's more of a wishful thinking than reality haha

      Growing these plants from seed is just too much fun. How can we resist!

  2. I have found Anacampseros growing round the parent plant. I would keep too many Astrophytums. I have enough problems with Lithops seedlings.

    1. I'm always curious to see baby plants grow. Who knows maybe someday I will have enough room to grow lots and lots of them :)