Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Aloinopsis peersii (3 pics)

I got these two Aloinopsis peersii back in November 2013 and was really worried they won't get acclimated. You see, they are quite big and fat and meaty and under my conditions plants grow compactly. Each time I purchase a "fat" plant it has huge problems downsizing. Especially Lithops simply don't make it through regeneration in these cases. On the photo below you still can see the large fat leaves I got it with but all the new ones, grown at my place, are much smaller and more fitting and appropriate. They grow in a 7x7x10cm container and are downsizing gradually and in a healthy manner. There are many side branches, too :)

This plant's special feature is the fluffiness of the leaves. Yes, they are as soft as they look ;)

The picture below was taken last November.  Check out those carrot roots! I think with these guys watering from the bottom would make sense but I water them from above and it seems to be fine.


  1. I really love the velvety leaves on these. They are now classified as Deilanthe peersii. It was originally described at Nananthus peersii, but was transferred in 1929 to Aloinopsis. N.E. Brown created Deilanthe in 1930 and moved A. peersii there. Two of the reasons for the move was the characteristic of flowering at dusk and into the night, and the fuzzy leaves. In fact, the name Deilanthe comes from the Greek deile (evening) and anthos (flower).

    They really have wonderful roots, and you show them off well in your photo. They should do well in your pumice medium as it will dry out relatively fast and they do not like damp roots for an extended period of time. They flower in late winter through mid spring. The flowers are suppose to have a honey fragrance but I never seem to smell that on the flowers of my plants. Hopefully, your plants will provide you with that honey scent. I use to love to gently touch the leaves. So soft. Your plants look good but 7 cm may not be deep enough for these mesemb carrots. If I remember correctly I had mine in 10cm pots. Good luck and good growing. ;)

    1. Very nice comment, Bob, thank you :)
      Very nice plant, Rika :)

    2. Thank you so much for clarifying Bob!! :)
      This is what I get from reading up only on the species I have in The Titanopsis Group. Otherwise I would have noticed the plant at least from the photos!
      Nightly flowers huh? Hope to see them one day.
      The pots I grow them in are also 10cm deep but otherwise 7x7cm square. Their looks tell me that they feel well in there so far. The only thing I can do for them is to separate them if they one day spread too much. For now it should be fine ^^a

      I must confess I touch the leaves everytime I'm near them haha XD

      Thank you Ivan :) I was really worried at first but they seem to like my conditions.

  2. Very appealing velvety leaves, indeed!