Monday, April 7, 2014

Rhinephyllum seedlings update

Sorry for posting about all the same seedlings again but I need to share my amazement. Only one week of intense sunlight and suddenly three side-branches are sprouting on one tiny seedling! After a long peroid of not doing anything it is really surprising to see these seedlings grow so quickly.


  1. They look very good. I'm often concerned about too rapid growth, as it goes against my desire for compact plants, but these look ok. I guess the danger is a period of cloudy sunless weather in conjunction with a spurt in growth, but risks have to be taken sometimes in growing plants. Rhinophyllum muirii develops a fleshy caudex topped by clusters of short stems. I've never grown R. muirii so I look forward to seeing how your plants develop and how big the caudex becomes. Keep us informed please. Thanks.

    1. It is the same for me. Good shape is not only attractive but also means good health. This is my goal as well. "A period of cloudy sunless weather in conjunction with a spurt in growth" is indeed a big danger and it s better to withhold any watering if it is not sure that sunny weather will last.
      I'm less strict with young seedlings though. :) First I let them accumulate some succulence and then I concern myself with their shape. I'd say these Rhinephyllum are almost ready for harsher conditions. I will be slowly reducing waterings pretty soon.
      Didn't know about the caudex, thanks! Will surely keep you updated. I'm posting already too many entries on seedlings XD