Sunday, February 9, 2014

Update on L. aucampiae seedlings

Removed the rests of old leaves and here they are, their shiny new faces :)
They are small but already look just like their parents, don't you think?


  1. Wonderful facial patterns on your L. aucampiae seedlings. The large seeds of L. aucampiae give good germination but aucampiae adult plants can be a little tricky sometimes. I only have a couple aucampiae plants at present. Lost several large pots of aucampiae in the 2002 tornado damage. Might add a pack of aucampiae seeds to my next Mesa Garden order. Your seedlings look great. You have inspired me to try sowing in straight pumice, or at least pumice mixed with calcined clay this spring. Always fun to try new methods. Thanks for the eye candy!

    1. I also noticed how difficult it is to keep adult aucampiae alive and happy. I killed my share and the ones I still have are weak and I doubt will make it much longer. My hope lies with own seedlings like the above. Maybe if they hatch in my conditions without knowing anything else they will be stronger and more tolerant.

      I've made an order from MS a couple of weeks ago but no reaction whatsoever. I guess they're busy...

      Good luck with pumice. Yay to no transplantation until the plants outgrow their pots :)