Sunday, September 22, 2013

Crassula 'Coralita' (2 pics)

Here comes No. 2 of my recent purchases of compact-type Crassulas - C. 'Coralita'. I didn't know it before but Bob informed me that this is a hybrid cultivar from a crossing between C. perfoliata v. falcata (red flowers) and C. susannae (small size). Also, as the name probably suggests, its flowers should be pinkish-reddish. If you ask me what I like the most about this plant - the answer is on the second pic. The leaf surface looks like it was dipped into powdered sugar :)

PS: C. ausensis ssp. titanopsis is currently growing even more flower stalks *joy*


  1. Very attractive plant Rika. Small, sculptured, with a lovely surface, what's not to love; and we haven't seen the flowers yet, which are also lovely. many wonderful mesembs, and other small succulents, but so little space and time. *sigh* Again, I thank you for letting us enjoy many great plants through your blog. If I could only reach out and touch those powdered sugar leaves. :)

    1. Thanks :)
      I'm really happy I could get it. I'm going to receive a C. mesembryanthemopsis shortly but will have to stop at this. Aaah so many plants I want to grow...

      The leaves feel to the touch just the way you would think they feel from their looks ♡ I'll be waiting for flowers then XD