Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rabiea's revitalization. I want one, too! (3 pics)

It have been three weeks and I'm getting used to working "like an adult". :D Now waiting for the first paycheck! The work is completely new to me, I'm learning everything, a new profession basically, from scratch. Not much time for hobbies but I'm sure I'll get into the rhythm and figure it all out eventually. 

Recently I've repoted the Rabiea albipuncta to see how the roots are doing after a year (after all it has had some bug problems). I heard there might be thick roots but they look normal. Maybe it was a cutting? 

Anyway, this is how my pumice substrate looks like. The plant has grown a huge beard of roots in it over the last year, so I've trimmed it. Should do it good. Could trick it into thinking it got a bigger pot ;)


  1. Lovely looking plant! What is the age of it?

    1. Thank you :)
      I can't tell you the age unfortunately. I got it 1,5 years ago from Kakteen Haage as an adult plant.

  2. Hello,
    What are U using to ur substrat? Pumice + something? I want to make same substrat for my plants. Thank You for help.

    I'm from Poland, and my english isn't well. Sorry for mistakes.

    1. Hello and nice to meet you :)
      Your English is absolutely fine~
      I use pure pumice which means only pumice stones, nothing mixed in. Works fine for me.

    2. Ok, thank You :D
      I'll try same substrat to some of my plants. Now I'm using sand + some small stones and mix for suculents just from gardenshop.

      Your plants spend winter at completely dark place (November - March)? I'm going to take my Lithops and some Crassula to dark and cold (abt +10*C) cellar. It's my first time, is it good idea?
      Usually they spend winter at my room without water, but here is a little to warm, i think.

    3. Hi :)
      I'm not sure about keeping them dark. I think they will just get long and ugly even without water. I keep mine on my windowsill (where else? XD) directly over the heater. I give them as much light as possible and keep them dry but warm. :)