Wednesday, September 2, 2009

gracilidelineata kids

These are my youngest lithops "hatched" in April. They didn't get much care from me. I've potted them into pumise stones as they were 3 or 4 weeks old and treated them as grown-ups ever since. I think they've turned out quite well though.
It's a mix of C189, C261, C309 and C373. Because of a small accident, I can't tell which is which now. (Maybe when they're big enough?)


  1. They look good to me. Maybe it'll stimulate me to get some Lithops seed planted that I've had for far too long! Never seems like there's enough time.

  2. Não sei ingles.
    Mas adorei este blog com tantos plantas lindas.
    Um beijo.

  3. Luther, thanks, a couple of them seem to be getting new leaves now. it seems like there are lithops species that don't need that much care :)

    Rosan, obrigado muito! :) eu não falo o português, mas os retratos em seu blogue são muito bonitos! (traduzido com o