Sunday, March 22, 2009

Since quite some time I've had an idea to blog about my Lithops. I haven't got that many plants or great experience but I love to experiment and find out about what they need on my own. Well, I've managed to keep my Lithops alive for a couple of years already so there's some basic knowledge I still could share with you.
But this should be mostly about pictures and I'll do my best to post lots of them!
So here comes the first one - hookeri v. dabneri from the header in full bloom, so to say.


  1. Waaa! ^____^ It's very beautiful! And really nice!

    Good luck to you! *^_^*

  2. thanks! ^^
    i like it when the petals' tips go up as the flower is about to fade

  3. wow!! nice flower and photography.

  4. Hello Sassi! ^^
    thank you very much, it means a lot!!
    and thank you for visiting :)

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  6. Me again :) it's not that I have read everything but I have surely seen all the pics! awww they are just wonderful and you know what? makes me envy you a lot for you've had an access to most beautiful and most interesting plants! awesome collection!

  7. Hello again ;)

    haha yes I know! That's why I like these plants so much!
    Thank you :)
    You know, one of the best things about lithops is that they're so small you can have a "collection" even in a tiny flat with only one window/window ledge. Why they're not very popular is a mystery. (Ooh I spend a lot of time at the window with a camera, i hope people don't get wrong ideas haha!)

  8. After reading all the contents of Lithops, I came to the first one and benefited from it. Thank you.